Mishloach Manot – Spread warmth and love!

In the holy biblical book of Esther, Purim is
celebrated as a festive Jewish holiday, the day when the Jews prevailed over
their enemies. It is in the month of Adar on the thirteenth day while the
fourteenth is celebrated as a day of feast and joy.

The festival is known for its food customs where
food plays a vital role. Mishloach
Manot is sent to other Jews to celebrate the occasion. It is a basket
which contains various kinds of food and drinks. Jewish law says that every Mishloach Manot should have atleast
two types of of food that are ready to eat, in order to complete the mitzvah .
Baked food items or fruits can be sent that can be consumed immediately but
raw meat would be inappropriate that requires cooking. The term “Mishloach Manot” is a Hebrew word for
baskets and it is sent to ensure that everyone has quite enough food for their
Purim feast to be enjoyed. This festive day is looked upon as a way of
connecting people in Israel whether it be family or friends. Many also sent
gifts to the poor in the form of Mishloach
Manot baskets out of gladness. The baskets often turn out to be a hamper
full of edible goods and assortments. People of any age group can participate
in the mitzvah. The important requirement of the Mishloach Manot is that it has to be delivered particularly on
the Purim day. Charitable donations are made by sending portions of the food
to different organizations as a gesture of happiness and sharing on the day
of the feast.

Mishloach Manot can be
prepared by oneself or many people now believe in getting them ordered as per
their choice. Assortments like dry fruits, bagels, muffins, cookies, etc
constitute the baskets. The Mishloach
Manot has to be a basket full of food and money cannot suffice. According
to laws, Mishloach Manot should
not be given to mourners neither should they send Mishloach Manot to people more than one person. The baskets are
supposed to be delivered via a third party though both the sender and the
recipient can witness the event. It is very important that the Mishloach Manot should reflect the
standards of the receiver and the giver. To get best Mishloach Manot delivered, you can give a look at pictureperfectpurim.com that believes in spreading warmth and love with
well decorated and assorted Mishloach

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